NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Specification 33 Additional requirements

Specification 33 Additional requirements

This Specification contains requirements that must be complied with in addition to the modelling requirements of J1V1, J1V2, J1V3 and J1V5.

In addition to the modelling requirements for J1V1, J1V2, J1V3 and J1V5, a building must comply with—

  1. for general thermal construction, J4D3; and
  2. for floor edge insulation, J4D7(2) and J4D7(3); and
  3. for building sealing, J1V4 or J5; and
  4. for deactivation, control and insulation of air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems—
    1. J6D3(1)(a); and
    2. J6D3(1)(b)(i); and
    3. J6D3(1)(d); and
    4. J6D3(1)(f); and
    5. J6D3(2); and
    6. J6D3(3); and
    7. J6D4(2); and
    8. J6D4(4); and
    9. J6D5; and
    10. J6D6; and
    11. J6D9; and
  5. for testing package air-conditioning equipment not less than 65 kWr, AS/NZS 3823.1.2 at test condition T1; and
  6. for testing a refrigeration chiller, AHRI 551/591; and
  7. for interior artificial lighting and power control, J7D4; and
  8. for interior decorative and display lighting, J7D5; and
  9. for artificial lighting around the exterior of a building, J7D6; and
  10. for boiling water and chilled water storage units, J7D7; and
  11. for deactivation of swimming pool heating and pumping, J8D3(2)(b) and J8D3(3); and
  12. for deactivation of spa pool heating and pumping, J8D4(2)(b) and J8D4(3); and
  13. for facilities for energy monitoring, Part J9; and
  14. for deactivation of fixed outdoor space heating appliances, clause J6D10(3).

Where not included in the building energy simulation to satisfy J1V2(1), compliance must be achieved with—

  1. for heating, cooling and ventilation equipment outside the scope of the Green Star model, Part J6; and
  2. for artificial lighting outside the scope of the Green Star model, Part J7.