NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


NSW Part I5 Temporary structures

NSW Part I5 Temporary structures

Introduction to this Part

NSW Part I5 contains Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions for temporary structures used as an entertainment venue.

NSW I5D1 Application of Part2019: NSW H102.1

This Part applies to temporary structures used as entertainment venues.

NSW I5D2 Exits — exclusions2019: NSW H102.2

In this Part, a reference to an entrance or exit does not include a reference to an entrance or exit provided for persons or animals performing in a temporary structure.

NSW I5D3 Location of exits2019: NSW H102.3

Exits must be so provided and arranged as to afford a ready means of egress from all parts of a temporary structure.

NSW I5D4 Exits to be provided2019: NSW H102.4

Without limiting the generality of NSW I5D3

  1. the number of exits to be provided for a temporary structure designed to accommodate a number of persons specified in Column 1 of NSW Table I5D4 must be not less than the number of exits specified in Column 2 of that Table in respect of that number of persons; and
  2. the aggregate width of the exits to a temporary structure designed to accommodate a number of persons specified in Column 1 of NSW Table I5D4 must be not less than the width specified in Column 3 of that Table in respect of that number of persons.
Insert NSW table (I5D4) I5D4 as follows:
NSW Table I5D4: Number of exits and widths
Column 1: accommodation provided (persons) Column 2: number of exits required Column 3: Aggregate width of exits (mm)
1 - 25 1 - 2 1000
26 - 50 2 1500
51 - 75 2 2000
76 - 100 2 2500
101 - 200 2 3000
201 - 400 3 4500
401 - 600 4 6000
601 - 800 5 7500
801 - 1000 5 9000
Over 1000 5 exits plus one additional exit for each additional 450 persons, or part thereof. 9000 mm, plus 500 mm for each additional 50 persons or part thereof.
Table Notes
  1. Where only one exit is provided that exit must be at least 1000 mm wide.
  2. Where 2 exits are provided each must be at least 500 mm wide.

NSW I5D5 Vertical clearance for exits2019: NSW H102.5

Every part of an entrance or exit must provide a minimum unobstructed height of 2000 mm and, where the entrance or exit is beneath a stepped seating platform, infilled risers or other approved overhead protection must be provided above the entrance or exit.

NSW I5D6 Curtains across exits2019: NSW H102.6

A flap or curtain used to cover an exit must be so designed that, when it is secured, it will not obstruct or impede egress.

NSW I5D7 Curtains and blinds2019: NSW H102.7

Curtains and blinds for use in a temporary structure must comply with NSW Table S7C7.

NSW I5D8 Fabrics2019: NSW H102.8

Fabric that is used in the construction of a temporary structure must have—

  1. a Flammability Index of not more than 6 where used—
    1. within a height of 4 m from the base of the temporary structure; or
    2. in an air-supported temporary structure without other supporting framework; and
  2. a Flammability Index of not more than 25 in any other case.

NSW I5D9 Guardrails2019: NSW H102.9

(1) A rigid guardrail must be provided at each end of a stepped or inclined platform, at least 750 mm high above the floor of the platform, and must extend—

  1. in the case of a stepped platform, from the front of the first riser; and
  2. in the case of an inclined platform, from the front of the first row of seating,

to the back of the highest platform and along the rear of that platform for its full width.

(2) A rigid guardrail must not obstruct any aisle, cross-over or exit.

NSW I5D10 Seating2019: NSW H102.10

NSW I5D11 Sanitary accommodation2019: NSW H102.11

Suitable sanitary accommodation must be provided at a location convenient to the temporary structure.

NSW I5D12 Projection suites2019: NSW H102.12

Any projection suite must comply with NSW I4D47 and NSW I4D48.

NSW I5D13 Fireplaces and heating2019: NSW H102.13

No fireplace or other form of heating equipment may be installed in a temporary structure, without the consent of the approval authority.

NSW I5D14 Electrical services2019: NSW H102.14

Electrical services connected to the local supply authority’s mains, to a generating plant or to a battery supply must comply with—

  1. the requirements of the local supply authority; and
  2. AS 3002; and
  3. where applicable, AS/NZS 3000; and
  4. NSW I4D51(a) and NSW I4D53(a).

NSW I5D15 Artificial lighting: general2019: NSW H102.15

Artificial lighting must be provided, and must comply with NSW I4D54 and NSW I4D55.

NSW I5D16 Emergency lighting2019: NSW H102.15.1

Emergency lighting must be provided to the areas provided with artificial lighting under NSW I5D15 and must include a sufficient number of lamps to give a minimum illumination of 0.2 lux at floor level.

NSW I5D17 Emergency lighting power supply2019: NSW H102.15.2

Where emergency lighting is provided, the capacity of the battery and charging system must be sufficient to provide the illumination required by NSW I5D16 for—

  1. 30 minutes, in respect of a temporary structure designed to accommodate not more than 1000 persons; and
  2. 60 minutes, in respect of a temporary structure designed to accommodate more than 1000 persons.

NSW I5D18 Exit signs2019: NSW H102.16

Exit signs must be provided above all exits and in such other locations as may be required by NSW E4D6 and must comply with E4D5 and E4D8.

NSW I5D19 Fire-fighting services2019: NSW H102.17

(1) Fire-fighting services and appliances must be so provided as to afford adequate protection and must be so located as the approving authority, on the advice of the Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW, may require.

(2) Where required by the approving authority, the fire-fighting services and appliances must comply with Part E1.