NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings
NSW Introduction

NSW Introduction

The NSW Building Code technical package consists of—

  1. the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Volume One and Volume Two; and
  2. the New South Wales BCA Appendix which contains variations to the requirements of the BCA and additional provisions applicable in New South Wales.

The technical package is accompanied by administrative provisions contained within the Environmental Planning and Assessment (EP&A) Act 1979, the Environmental Planning and Assessment (EP&A) Regulation 2021 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment (EP&A) (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Regulation 2021.


Where NSW has inserted or replaced a whole clause or part, the clause or part reference will be preceded by the prefix NSW. i.e. NSW C3D6(3). All table and image references which are replaced or inserted will also have a similar prefix. Where NSW has not replaced a complete clause but modified, inserted or replaced part of a clause, the prefix has been omitted and the parent clause reference remains unchanged.