NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part D2 Provision for escape

Part D2 Provision for escape

VIC D2D5 Exit travel distances2019: D1.4

Delete subclause D2D5(4) and insert VIC D2D5(4) as follows:

(4) Class 9 buildings — in a patient care area in a Class 9a building and in a children’s service

  1. no point on the floor must be more than 12 m from a point from which travel in different directions to 2 of the required exits is available; and
  2. the maximum distance to one of those exits must not be more than 30 m from the starting point.

VIC D2D9 Width of doorways in exits or paths of travel to exits2019: VIC D1.6(f)(iv)

Delete clause D2D9 and insert VIC D2D9 as follows:

In a required exit or path of travel to an exit, the unobstructed width of a doorway must be not less than—

  1. in patient care areas through which patients would normally be transported in beds—
    1. if the doorway provides access to, or from, a corridor of width—
      1. less than 2.2 m — 1200 mm; or
      2. 2.2 m or greater — 1070 mm; and
    2. where the doorway referred to in (i) is fitted with two leaves and one leaf is secured in the closed position in accordance with D3D26(3)(e), the other leaf must permit an unobstructed opening not less than 800 mm wide; or
  2. in patient care areas in a horizontal exit — 1250 mm; or
  3. the unobstructed width of each exit provided to comply with D2D8(1), (2), (3) or (4), minus 250 mm; or
  4. in any other case except where it opens to a sanitary compartment or bathroom — 750 mm wide.