NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part J6 Air-conditioning and ventilation

Part J6 Air-conditioning and ventilation

NSW J6D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions2019: J5.0

Delete subclause J6D1(1) and insert NSW J6D1(1) as follows:

(1) Where a Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution is proposed, Performance Requirements NSW J1P1 to NSW J1P7 are satisfied by complying with—

  1. NSW J2D2; and
  1. NSW J3D2 to J3D10; and
  2. NSW J4D2 to J4D7; and
  3. NSW J5D2 to J5D8; and
  4. NSW J6D2 to J6D13; and
  5. NSW J7D2 to J7D9; and
  6. J8D2 to NSW J8D4; and
  7. J9D2 to J9D5.

NSW J6D2 Application of Part2019: J5.1, NSW J(A)3.1

Delete clause J6D2 and insert NSW J6D2 as follows:

(1) The Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of this Part do not apply to a Class 8 electricity network substation.

(2) J6D10 does not apply to a Class 2 building or a Class 4 part of a building.

NSW J6D10 Space heating2019: J5.9

Delete subclause J6D10(2) and insert NSW J6D10(2) as follows:

(2) An electric heater may be used for heating a bathroom in a Class 3, 9a or 9c building if the heating capacity is not more than 1.2 kW and the heater has a timer.