NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


TAS Part I11 Foundries

TAS Part I11 Foundries

Introduction to this Part

This Part contains additional requirements for foundries.

TAS I11D1 Application of Part2019: TAS H113.1

(1) This Part is applicable to every building or premises on which foundry operations are undertaken.

(2) Foundries must provide for the comfort and safety of workers on the premises.

TAS I11D2 General2019: TAS H113.2

(1) Every floor in a foundry must be level and, in places other than where molten metal is poured, must be composed or similar material or wooden blocks.

(2) Every part of a foundry must be not less than 4.2 m high—

  1. where a ceiling is provided, measured from the floor to the ceiling; or
  2. where a ceiling is not provided, measured from the floor to the lowest part of the roof.

TAS I11D3 Cupola charging platform2019: TAS H113.3

(1) The floors of cupola charging platforms must be—

  1. of heavy timber or non-slip steel plate; and
  2. securely fixed in position; and
  3. level.

(2) All parts of the cupola charging platform must be covered by a roof not less than 3 m above the platform.

(3) A cupola charging platform must have—

  1. a wall, not less than 1 m high, measured from the floor of the platform, constructed to surround the platform; and
  2. the side between the top of the wall and the roof suitably waterproofed an ventilated.

(4) A properly constructed access stair or ramp must be provide to give access to every cupola charging platform and must comply with AS 1657.

TAS I11D4 Deep moulds and pits2019: TAS H113.4

Deep moulds or pits, for permanent use—

  1. must be lined with bricks, concrete, or other suitable material in such a manner as to provide adequate reinforcement and to keep the pit or mould in a dry condition; and
  2. must be securely fenced by means of a wall of adequate construction, railings or chains and stanchions raised, in each case, to a height not less than 1 m above the surface of the surrounding floor.

TAS I11D5 Pot furnaces2019: TAS H113.5

Where pot furnaces are below ground level, the pit must be covered by a substantial grating at the point at which metal is removed from the furnace, and must at all other times be securely fenced as in TAS I11D4(b)