NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part D3 Construction of exits

Part D3 Construction of exits

SA D3D16 Thresholds2019: SA D2.15(e)

Delete clause D3D16 and insert SA D3D16 as follows:

(1) The threshold of a doorway must not incorporate a step or ramp at any point closer to the doorway than the width of the door leaf unless—

  1. in patient care areas in a Class 9a health-care building, the door sill is not more than 25 mm above the finished floor level to which the doorway opens; or
  2. in resident use areas a Class 9c building, a ramp is provided with a maximum gradient of 1:8 for a maximum height of 25 mm over the threshold; or
  3. in a building required to be accessible by Part D4, the doorway—
    1. opens to a road or open space; and
    2. is provided with a threshold ramp or step ramp in accordance with AS 1428.1; or
  4. in other cases—
    1. the doorway opens to a road or open space, external stair landing or external balcony; and
    2. the door sill is not more than 190 mm above the finished surface of the ground, balcony, or the like, to which the doorway opens.

(2) Notwithstanding the requirements of (1), where necessary due to the operational requirements of the building, a doorway serving a farm building may incorporate a step that is no more than 700 mm above the finished floor level.

SA D3D23 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders2019: SA D2.18(c)

Delete clause D3D23 and insert SA D3D23 as follows:

A fixed platform, walkway, stairway, ladder and any going and riser, landing, handrail or barrier attached thereto may comply with AS 1657 in lieu of D3D14, D3D15, D3D17, D3D18, D3D19, D3D20, D3D21 and D3D22 if it only serves—

  1. machinery rooms, boiler houses, lift-machine rooms, plant-rooms, and the like; or
  2. non-habitable rooms, such as attics, storerooms and the like that are not used on a frequent or daily basis in the internal parts of a sole-occupancy unit in a Class 2 building or Class 4 part of a building; or
  3. areas within a farm building.

SA D3D25 Swinging doors2019: D2.20

Delete subclause D3D25(1) and insert SA D3D25(1) as follows:

(1) A swinging door in a required exit or forming part of a required exit

  1. must not encroach—
    1. at any part of its swing by more than 500 mm on the required width (including any landings) of a required stairway, ramp or passageway if it is likely to impede the path of travel of the people already using the exit; and
    2. when fully open, by more than 100 mm on the required width of the required exit; and
  2. must swing in the direction of egress unless—
    1. it serves a building or part with a floor area not more than 200 m2, it is the only required exit from the building or part and it is fitted with a device for holding it in the open position; or
    2. it serves a sanitary compartment or airlock (in which case it may swing in either direction); or
    3. it serves a farm building; and
  3. must not otherwise impede the path or direction of egress.