NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part C2 Fire resistance and stability

Part C2 Fire resistance and stability

VIC C2D11 Fire hazard properties2019: C1.10

Delete subclause C2D11(3) and insert VIC C2D11(3) as follows:

(3) The requirements of (1) do not apply to a material or assembly if it is—

  1. plaster, cement render, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile or the like; or
  2. a fire-protective covering; or
  3. a timber-framed window; or
  4. a solid timber handrail or skirting; or
  5. a timber-faced door; or
  6. an electrical switch, socket-outlet, cover plate or the like; or
  7. a material used for—
    1. a roof insulating material applied in continuous contact with a substrate; or
    2. an adhesive; or
    3. a damp-proof course, flashing, caulking, sealing, ground moisture barrier, or the like; or
  8. a paint, varnish, lacquer or similar finish, other than nitro-cellulose lacquer; or
  9. a clear or translucent roof light of glass fibre-reinforced polyester if—
    1. the roof in which it is installed forms part of a single storey building required to be Type C construction; and
    2. the material is used as part of the roof covering; and
    3. it is not closer than 1.5 m from another roof light of the same type; and
    4. each roof light is not more than 14 m2 in area; and
    5. the area of the roof lights per 70 m2 of roof surface is not more than 14 m2; or
  10. a face plate or neck adaptor of supply and return air outlets of an air handling system; or
  11. a face plate or diffuser plate of light fitting and emergency exit signs and associated electrical wiring and electrical components; or
  12. a joinery unit, cupboard, shelving, or the like; or
  13. an attached non-building fixture and fitting such as—
    1. a curtain, blind, or similar decor, other than a proscenium curtain required by Specification 32; and
    2. a whiteboard, window treatment or the like; or
  14. timber treads, risers, landings and associated supporting framework installed in accordance with D3D30 where the Spread-of-Flame Index and the Smoke-Developed Index of the timber does not exceed 9 and 8 respectively.