NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


WA Part I4 Public buildings

WA Part I4 Public buildings

Introduction to this Part

WA Part I4 contains Deemed-to-Satisfy Solutions for WA public buildings that are additional to those contained in Sections D, F and I.

WA I4D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions2019: WA H101.0

(1) Where a Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution is proposed, Performance Requirements D1P1, D1P2, D1P3, D1P4, D1P6 and F6P2 are satisfied by complying with—

  1. Part D2, Part D3 and F6D5; and
  2. for additional requirements for WA public buildings, WA Part I4.

(2) Where a Performance Solution is proposed, the relevant Performance Requirements must be determined in accordance with A2G2(3) and A2G4(3) as applicable.

WA I4D2 Application of Part2019: WA H101.1

The Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of this Part apply to a WA public building or part of a building.

WA I4D3 Additional exits2019: WA H101.2

In a WA public buildings, each storey that accommodates more than 50 persons must have more than one exit from that storey.

WA I4D4 Goings and risers2019: WA H101.3

(1) Steps serving a WA public building must have risers not more than 180 mm and goings not less than 280 mm.

(2) The requirements of (1) do not apply to steps in a fire-isolated stairway.

WA I4D5 Handrails to ramps, flights and landings2019: WA H101.4

(1) For a WA public building, handrails must be located along—

  1. both sides of a ramp or flight; and
  2. each side of a landing, except for that part of a side that is interrupted by a ramp or flight.

(2) The requirements of (1) do not apply to—

  1. handrails referred to in D3D23; or
  2. handrails located within a fire-isolated stairway or fire-isolated ramp.

WA I4D6 Artificial lighting2019: WA H101.5

(1) Artificial lighting must be provided along the external path of travel (including steps, landings, ramps or paths) to a road or open space associated with each exit from a WA public building.

(2) The artificial lighting system required by (1) must—

  1. provide a minimum illuminance of 1 lux at ground level; and
  2. be connected to circuits separate from those supplying lighting for foyers, entry porches, emergency escape passages or areas provided entry or egress to the WA public building; and
  3. be connected over two circuits where two or more lights are required; and
  4. have switches that are not able to be operated by members of the public.

WA I4D7 Fixed seating2019: WA H101.6

Where fixed seating in a Class 9b WA public building is arranged in more than one row—

  1. aisles must be provided on both sides of every row that contains more than 10 seats; and
  2. the number of seats in a row must not exceed 42.