The National Construction Code (NCC) sets out the requirements for the design and construction of a building in Australia, including plumbing and drainage. It sets the minimum required level for the safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability of certain buildings.

The NCC applies to new building work, new plumbing and drainage work on new or existing services and in some cases it may also apply to structures associated with buildings.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)produces and maintains the NCC on behalf of the Australian Government and each state and territory government.

Other aspects of construction such as gasfitting and electrical are not covered by the NCC.


The NCC is divided into 3 volumes based on the type of work or building:

NCC Volume One contains the technical requirements for the design and construction of multi-residential, commercial, industrial and public assembly buildings and some associated structures.

The Guide to Volume One provides clarification, illustration and examples for complex NCC provisions.

NCC Volume Two contains the technical requirements for the design and construction of smaller scale buildings including houses, small sheds, carports and some associated structures. For a residential project, this is the volume you will most likely need.

NCC Volume Three contains the technical requirements for the design, construction and installation of plumbing and drainage systems. It also applies where to sites where services are installed independent of buildings.

Each volume contains:

  • Governing Requirements
  • Performance Requirements
  • Technical compliance options to meet the Performance Requirements, and
  • State and Territory variations and additions.