NCC Tutor is a suite of educational modules designed for educators and students.

The modules reflect NCC 2019 content in many units of competency for Construction, Plumbing and Services, and Property Services training packages at the Diploma and Certificate IV level.

The modules cover 3 key learning areas:

  • Understanding – core modules explaining fundamental concepts about the NCC that are essential to understanding the remaining modules.
  • Using – practical modules that take you through the process on how to use a particular volume to locate, interpret and apply different requirements.
  • Example – a detailed worked example of how to locate, interpret and apply the requirements of a volume to a real-world building project. These modules are only available as educator presentations.

NCC Tutor is available in 2 formats

Presentations for educators

Each module consists of a PowerPoint presentation with activities and detailed facilitator notes to help create interesting and interactive lessons, suitable for both classroom and online delivery.

If you’re an educator for an RTO, TAFE or university, this resource is a great way to encourage your students to review, discuss and apply their knowledge of the NCC.

You can submit an online enquiry to request access to the modules. Please select ‘General’ then ‘Resource’ and include confirmation that you are an educator, the name of your RTO/TAFE/university and reference to NCC Tutor in your enquiry.


Recorded lessons for educators and students

The recorded lessons are a video version of each NCC Tutor module, delivered by an accredited trainer. They are suitable as ready-to-go classroom content or additional study for students. They can also be embedded into learning management systems.

Unlike the PowerPoint modules, designed specifically for use by educators, anyone can access the recorded lessons. The videos are available below or from our YouTube channel. 

Recorded lessons

Which NCC Tutor should I use?
Provides guidance on what modules maybe be applicable to units of competency.
Understanding the NCC
Understanding the performance-based code
Understanding building classifications
Understanding fire safety in the NCC
Understanding energy efficiency in the NCC
Understanding WaterMark
Using NCC Volume One
Using the fire safety provisions of NCC Volume One
Using the energy efficiency provisions in NCC Volume One
Using NCC Volume Two
Using the fire safety provisions in NCC Volume Two
Using the energy efficiency provisions in NCC Volume Two
Using NCC Volume Three
Using the accessibility provisions in Volume One