NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


TAS Part I10 Mortuaries

TAS Part I10 Mortuaries

Introduction to this Part

This Part contains additional requirements for mortuaries.

TAS I10D1 Application of Part2019: TAS H112.1

(1) This Part applies to any premises used for the storage or preparation for burial, cremation or disposal by other means, of bodies of deceased persons.

(2) Mortuaries must be constructed in a manner that will ensure the health of staff and the general public.

TAS I10D2 Layout of mortuary2019: TAS H112.2

(1) A mortuary may be integral with the remainder of a building but must be separated physically from all public areas of that building.

(2) Each mortuary at which bodies are prepared for burial, cremation or other disposal must be provided with a body preparation room—

  1. capable of being isolated from the remainder of the premises; and
  2. having a floor area not less than 10m2.

(3) A vehicle reception area or garage must be provided adjacent to and with direct access to the storage room or body preparation room to ensure that the transfer of uncoffined bodies is screened from public view.

(4) Access to toilet and shower facilities from any other part of the mortuary premises must be only by way of an air lock.

TAS I10D3 Construction of body preparation room2019: TAS H112.3

(1) The floor must be—

  1. of impervious material with a smooth, unbroken surface; and
  2. uniformly graded to a floor drain.

(2) All walls and partitions must be of concrete or masonry with a smooth, unbroken finish for ease of cleaning.

(3) All joints between the floor, walls, partitions, ceiling, ventilation grilles, fittings, pipework, windows and light fittings must be sealed with impervious material for ease of cleaning.

(4) All joints between the floor and walls or partitions must be coved for ease of cleaning.

(5) The body preparation room must be provided with at least one washbasin, fitting with elbow or foot-operated taps, and an adequate supply of hot and cold water.

(6) The body preparation room must be provided with refrigerated storage facilities—

  1. With sufficient capacity for the storage of at least two adult bodies; and
  2. Capable of maintaining an internal temperature between 1°C and 5°C.

TAS I10D4 Water supply and sewerage2019: TAS H112.4

Each mortuary with a body preparation room must be connected to—

  1. a permanent water supply with a physical discontinuity, provided by a registered break tank or reduced pressure zone device, between the water supply and all equipment, appliances, fittings and areas in the mortuary; and
  2. a water carriage sewerage system.