NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part A6 Building classification

Part A6 Building classification

SA A6G7 Class 6 buildings2019: SA A6.6

Delete clause A6G7 and insert SA A6G7 as follows:

A Class 6 building is a shop or other building for the sale of goods by retail or the supply of services direct to the public, including—

  1. an eating room, cafe, restaurant, milk or soft drink bar; or
  2. a dining room, bar, shop or kiosk part of a hotel or motel; or
  3. a hairdresser’s or barber’s shop, public laundry, or undertaker’s establishment; or
  4. market or sale room, showroom, or service station; or
  5. a small arts venue.