NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part F5 Room heights

Part F5 Room heights

VIC F5P1 Room or space heights2019: VIC FP3.1

Delete clause F5P1 and insert VIC F5P1 as follows:

A habitable room or space must have sufficient size to enable the room or space to fulfil its intended function.

VIC F5V1 Room or space heights2019: FV3.1

Delete subclause F5V1(1) and insert VIC F5V1(1) as follows:

(1) Compliance with VIC F5P1 is verified only in relation to the height of a habitable room or space where the height of habitable room or space provides an appropriate activity support level that does not unduly interfere with its intended function.

VIC F5D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions2019: VIC F3.0

Delete clause F5D1 and insert VIC F5D1 as follows:

Where a Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution is proposed, Performance Requirement VIC F5P1 is satisfied by complying with F5D2 and VIC F5D3.

VIC F5D3 Class 3, 9a and 9c residential aged care buildings – size of rooms2019: VIC F3.103

Insert VIC clause F5D3 in clause F5D3 as follows:

In a residential aged care building or residential care building

  1. each bedroom must have a floor area of not less than 12 m2 per occupant; and
  2. all other common habitable rooms (other than kitchens) must have a floor area of not less than 7.5 m2 with—
    1. in a Class 3 hostel or supported residential services building or Class 9c building an aggregate floor area of not less than 3.5 m2 per occupant; or
    2. in a Class 9a nursing home an aggregate floor area of not less than 2.5 m2 per occupant.