NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part F6 Light and ventilation

Part F6 Light and ventilation

SA F6D6 Ventilation of rooms2019: SA F4.5(b) and (c)

Delete clause F6D6 and insert SA F6D6 as follows:

A habitable room, office, shop, factory, workroom, sanitary compartment, bathroom, shower room, laundry and any other room occupied by a person for any purpose must have—

  1. natural ventilation complying with F6D7; or
  2. a mechanical ventilation or air-conditioning system complying with AS 1668.2 and AS/NZS 3666.1; or
  3. in a storage shed or bulk grain storage facility, a ventilation system that provides one air change every six hours using openings that have a total area of the lesser of—
    1. 35 m2; or
    2. one percent of the total floor area.