NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


NSW Part I6 Drive-in theatres

NSW Part I6 Drive-in theatres

Introduction to this Part

NSW Part I6 contains Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions for drive-in theatres.

NSW I6D1 Application of Part2019: NSW H103.1

This Part applies to drive-in theatres.

NSW I6D2 Speaker standards2019: NSW H103.2

Speaker standards must—

  1. be placed at a minimum of 5.5 m centres in a line along each parking ramp; and
  2. be capable of being illuminated throughout any performance so as to be easily distinguishable at all times.

NSW I6D3 Lines of speaker standards2019: NSW H103.2.1

Lines of speaker standards along parking ramps must be placed at a distance of not less than 12.2 m apart.

NSW I6D4 Electrical services2019: NSW H103.3

The following electrical services must be installed underground—

  1. the supply authority’s conductors within the site and the consumer’s mains, unless otherwise approved; and
  2. electrical wiring external to any building on the site; and
  3. all wiring to the speaker standards.

NSW I6D5 Vehicular entrances2019: NSW H103.4

Each public vehicular entrance to or exit from the drive-in theatre must be capable of being fully illuminated by flood lights that are so placed and so focussed as not to interfere with the vision of the driver of any motor vehicle.

NSW I6D6 Lighting2019: NSW H103.5

(1) Driveways — Entrance and exit driveways, and the perimeter of the holding area, must be capable of being continuously illuminated by lamps capable of producing a minimum illumination of 0.5 lux at ground level.

(2) Ramp areas — The whole of the ramp area of a drive-in theatre must be capable of being floodlit by means of area flood lights to an illumination of at least 10 lux.