NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part E1 Fire fighting equipment

Part E1 Fire fighting equipment

VIC E1D7 Where sprinklers are required: Class 3 building2019: VIC Table E1.5

Delete clause E1D7 and insert VIC E1D7 as follows:

Sprinklers are required throughout—

  1. a Class 3 building used as a residential care building; and
  2. any fire compartment containing a Class 3 part used for residential care; and
  3. any shared accommodation building.

VIC E1D13 Where sprinklers are required: occupancies of excessive hazard2019: Table E1.5 (Note 4)

Delete subclause E1D13(2) and insert VIC E1D13(2) as follows:

(2) For the purposes of (1), occupancies of excessive fire hazard comprise buildings which contain—

  1. hazardous process risks including the following:
    1. Aircraft hangars.
    2. Electrical/electronic manufacturing and assembly (predominantly plastic components).
    3. Fire-lighter manufacturing.
    4. Fireworks manufacturing.
    5. Flammable liquid spraying.
    6. Foam plastic goods manufacturing and/or processing.
    7. Foam rubber goods manufacturing and/or processing.
    8. Hydrocarbon based sheet product manufacturing and/or processing.
    9. Nitrocellulose and nitrocellulose goods manufacturing.
    10. Paint and varnish works, solvent based.
    11. Plastic goods manufacturing and/or processing works.
    12. Resin and turpentine manufacturing.
    13. Vehicle repair shops.
  2. combustible goods with an aggregate volume exceeding 2000 m3 and stored to a height greater than 4 m such as the following:
    1. Aerosol packs with flammable contents.
    2. Cartons and associated packing material excluding cartons with densely packed non-combustible content.
    3. Electrical appliances where the components are predominantly plastic.
    4. Foamed rubber or plastics including wrappings or preformed containers.
    5. Paper products.
    6. Plastic, rubber, vinyl and other sheets in the form of offcuts, random pieces or rolls.
    7. Textiles raw and finished.
    8. Timber products.