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TAS Part I8 Pharmacies

TAS Part I8 Pharmacies

Introduction to this Part

This Part contains additional requirements for pharmacies.

TAS I8D1 Application of Part2019: TAS H108.1

(1) This Part applies to all pharmacy business premises registered under the Pharmacy Control Act.

(2) Pharmacies must be able to be secured against entry and the interior must be able to be supervised by a pharmacist.

TAS I8D2 Definition2019: TAS H108.2

In this Part the term “dispensary” means the room or area within a pharmacy or other premises which a registered pharmaceutical chemist uses for the compounding or dispensing of prescriptions, medicines or drugs.

TAS I8D3 Pharmacy premises2019: TAS H108.3

(1) Each premises used as a pharmacy must have—

  1. a dispensary for the compounding or dispensing of drugs and for the storage of material used in dispensing; and
  2. space for the storage of narcotic substances and poisons as required by the Poisons Regulations; and
  3. a place for unpacking of containers or cases and goods; and
  4. a room for storing merchandise not used in dispensing.

(2) A pharmacy may have one area set aside for retailing merchandise that is not compounded or dispensed.

TAS I8D4 Dispensary2019: TAS H108.4

(1) A dispensary must be located—

  1. within a pharmacy in a position to enable a person in the dispensary to supervise the dispensary, storage areas for narcotic substances and poisons, the entrances to unpacking areas and areas for storing other substances, and the retail area; and
  2. separate from any place where goods are unpacked or where general merchandise, not used in dispensing, is stored.

(2) Each dispensary must be provided with—

  1. a sink and drainage board of impervious material moulded or manufactured in one piece; and
  2. a reticulated supply of hot and cold water capable of providing to the sink adequate quantities of water for dispensing purposes; and
  3. space for a dispensing bench with a working area not less than 1.4 m2.

TAS I8D5 Security of dispensary2019: TAS H108.5

(1) Every dispensary and enclosure set aside for the storage of narcotic substances and poisons must be able to be secured against entry.

(2) If a dispensary is located in a pharmacy that is capable of being secured against entry at all times while the dispensary is not in use, then the dispensary is deemed to be secured against entry.