NCC 2022 Volume One - Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings


Part C3 Compartmentation and separation

Part C3 Compartmentation and separation

SA C3D16 Class 2 external walls exposed to brush fences2019: SA C2.15

Insert SA clause C3D16 in clause C3D16 as follows:

Where the distance between the external wall of a Class 2 building and a brush fence is less than 3 m, the Class 2 building must comply with the following:

  1. An external wall or part of an external wall exposed to the brush fence must be fire-resisting and extend to the underside of a non-combustible roof covering or a non-combustible eaves lining or to a point at which exposure to the brush fence no longer exists and must—
    1. have a FRL of at least 60/60/60 when tested from the outside; or
    2. be of masonry veneer construction in which the external masonry veneer is not less than 90 mm thick; or
    3. be of masonry construction not less than 90 mm thick; and
    4. have any exposed openings protected in accordance with C4D5.
  2. Where an external wall is required by (a) to be fire-resisting, only that part of the wall, including openings within the specified distance, need to be constructed in that manner.
  3. The requirements of (a) do not apply to subfloor vents, roof vents, weepholes, control joints, construction joints and penetrations for pipes, conduits and the like.
  4. The following are permitted to encroach within 3 m of a brush fence
    1. non-combustible fascias, gutters, downpipes; and
    2. eaves with non-combustible roof cladding and non-combustible lining; and
    3. flues, chimneys, pipes, domestic fuel tanks, cooling or heating appliances or other services; and
    4. light fittings, electricity or gas meters, aerials or antennas; and
    5. pergolas, sun blinds or water tanks; and
    6. unroofed terraces, landings, steps and ramps, not more than 1 m in height.
  5. The distance from any point on an external wall of a building to a brush fence is measured in any direction from the external wall.

SA C3D17 Bulk grain storage facilities2019: SA C2.16

Insert SA clause C3D17 in clause C3D17 as follows:

Underground passageways in a bulk grain storage facility must be separated from other parts of the building by smoke-proof walls and smoke-proof doors complying with Specification 11.