NCC 2022 Volume Two - Building Code of Australia Class 1 and 10 buildings
List of NCC Specifications

List of NCC Specifications

Table 1 sets out the number and title of each NCC Specification, along with the clauses in each NCC Volume that refer to the Specification.

Table 1 List of NCC Specifications
Spec no. Title References
Vols. One, Two and Housing Provisions Vol. Three
1 Fire resistance of building elements A5G5; A5G6; C4D15; S2C1; S9C2 A5G5; A5G6
2 Description of materials referred to in Specification 1 A5G5; A5G6; C4D15; S1C2; S9C2 A5G5; A5G6
3 Fire hazard properties (determination) A5G6 A5G6
4 Design of buildings in cyclonic areas B1D3 -
5 Fire-resisting construction C2D2; C2D10; C3D6; C3D8; C3D9; C3D10; C3D11; C3D13; C4D6; C4D8; C4D13; C4D15; D2D13; E1D5; G3D6; S17C11; S18C4; S31C3 -
6 Structural tests for lightweight construction B1D4; C2D9; S5C23; S14C2; S32C2; S32C3; Housing Provisions 9.3.1 -
7 Fire hazard properties (requirements) C2D11; C2D14; S3C2; S14C2; S19C7; S32C6 -
8 Performance of external walls in fire C2D12 -
9 Cavity barriers for fire-protected timber C2D13; C4D16; S5C11; S5C20 -
10 Fire protected timber S1C2 -
11 Smoke-proof walls in health-care and residential care buildings C3D6; C3D15; C4D12; E2D11 -
12 Fire doors, smoke doors, fire windows and shutters C4D5; G3D4; S11C2; S11C3 -
13 Penetration of walls, floors and ceilings by services C4D15 -
14 Non-required stairways, ramps and escalators C2D11; D2D17 -
15 Braille and tactile signs D4D7; S27C10 -
16 Accessible water entry/exit for swimming pools D4D11 -
17 Fire sprinkler systems C1V3; C2D6; C2D13; C3D2; C3D4; C3D7; C3D8; C4D6; C4D7; C4D8; C4D9; C4D12; D2D4; D2D17; E1D4; E2D8; E2D9; E2D10; E2D11; E2D13; E2D14; E2D15; E2D16; E2D17; E2D19; E2D20; G3D1; G3D6; G6D6; I1D2; S5C10; S5C11; S5C14; S5C18; S5C19; S5C20; S5C21; S5C22; S5C24; S7C3; S7C4; S19C11; S20C3; S20C4; S20C5; S31C2 -
18 Class 2 and 3 buildings not more than 25 m in effective height E1D4; S17C2; S23C1; S23C3 -
19 Fire control centres E1D14 -
20 Smoke detection and alarm systems E2D3; E2D5; E2D7; E2D8; E2D9; E2D11; E2D13; E2D14; E2D15; E2D16; E2D17; E2D18; E2D19; E2D20; S5C19; S5C22; S17C8; S18C3; S21C7; S21C8; S22C3 -
21 Smoke exhaust systems C3D13; E2D10; E2D14; E2D15; E2D16; E2D17; E2D18; E2D19; E2D20; S20C6; S20C8 -
22 Smoke-and-heat vents E2D10; E2D14; E2D15; E2D16; E2D17; E2D18; E2D19; E2D20; S20C8 -
23 Residential fire safety systems S18C3; S18C4 -
24 Lift installations E3D2 -
25 Photoluminescent exit signs E4D8 -
26 Waterproofing and water resistance requirements for building elements in wet areas F1D6 -
27 Accessible adult change facilities F4D12; S15C1 -
28 Sound insulation for building elements F5D3; F5D4 -
29 Impact sound — Test of equivalence F5D4; S28C2 -
30 Installation of boilers and pressure vessels G2D2 -
31 Fire and smoke control in buildings containing atriums G3D4; G3D8; S14C2 -
32 Construction of proscenium walls C2D11; I1D3 -
33 Additional requirements J1V1; J1V2; J1V3; J1V5 -
34 Modelling parameters J1V3; S35C1 -
35 Modelling profiles S34C3 -
36 Material properties J4D3 -
37 Calculation of U-Value and solar admittance J3D9; J3D13; J4D3; J4D6 -
38 Spandrel panel thermal performance S37C3; S37C4 -
39 Sub-floor thermal performance J4D3 -
40 Lighting and power control devices J7D3; J7D4; J7D5; J7D6; J7D7 -
41 Cross-connection hazards - B5D2; B5D3; B5D4
42 House energy rating software H6D2 -
43 Bushfire protection for certain Class 9 buildings G5D4 -
44 Calculation of heating load limit, cooling load limit and thermal energy load limit J1P2; H6P1  -
45 Modelling profiles for J1V5 J1V5 -