NCC 2022 Volume Two - Building Code of Australia Class 1 and 10 buildings


Part H2 Damp and weatherproofing

Part H2 Damp and weatherproofing

NSW H2P3 Rising damp2019: NSW P2.2.3

Delete clause H2P3 and insert NSW H2P3 as follows:

(1) Moisture from the ground must be prevented from causing—

  1. unhealthy or dangerous conditions, or loss of amenity for occupants; and
  2. undue dampness or deterioration of building elements.

(2) Barriers installed beneath slab on ground construction for the purposes of (1) must have a high resistance to damage during construction.


NSW H2P3 does not apply to a Class 10 building where in the particular case there is no necessity for compliance.

Explanatory information

The intent of requiring the barrier to have a high resistance to damage during construction is to increase the barrier’s ability to resist punctures during construction. By being less susceptible to puncturing, the barrier will provide increased protection against moisture containing dissolved salts from coming into contact with the concrete slab.