NCC 2022 Volume Two - Building Code of Australia Class 1 and 10 buildings


Part H7 Ancillary provisions and additional construction requirements

Part H7 Ancillary provisions and additional construction requirements

TAS H7P2 Swimming pools2019: P2.7.2, TAS 2.1

Delete clause H7P2 and insert TAS H7P2 as follows:

(1) A swimming pool water recirculation system must incorporate safety measures to avoid entrapment of, or injury to, a person.

(2) Swimming pools must be provided with an adequate water recirculation, disinfection and filtration system which is suitable and safe to use.


TAS H7P2(1) only applies to a swimming pool with a depth of water more than 300 mm.


TAS H7P2(2) does not apply to a swimming pool associated with a Class 1 building if the depth of water is less than 300 mm and the volume of the pool does not exceed 15 m3.

TAS H7P3 Heating appliances2019: TAS P2.7.3

Delete clause H7P3 and insert TAS H7P3 as follows:

A heating appliance and its associated components within a building, including an open fire-place, chimney, or the like, must be installed—

  1. to withstand the temperatures likely to be generated by the appliance; and
  2. so that it does not raise the temperature of any building element to a level that would adversely affect the element’s physical or mechanical properties or function; and
  3. so that hot products of combustion will not—
    1. escape through the walls of the associated components; and
    2. discharge in a position that will cause fire to spread to nearby combustible materials or allow smoke to penetrate through nearby windows, ventilation inlets, or the like in the building containing the heating appliance; and
    3. in the case of solid-fuel burning appliances, be discharged above appropriate emission limits.

TAS H7P5 Buildings in bushfire prone areas2019: TAS P2.7.5

Delete clause H7P5 and insert TAS H7P5 as follows:

A Class 1 building or a Class 10a building or deck associated with a Class 1 building that is constructed in a designated bushfire prone area must, to the degree necessary, be—

  1. designed and constructed to reduce the risk of ignition from a bushfire, appropriate to the—
    1. potential for ignition caused by burning embers, radiant heat or flame generated by a bushfire; and
    2. intensity of the bushfire attack on the building; and
  2. provided with vehicular access to the site to assist fire fighting and emergency personnel defend the building or evacuate occupants; and
  3. provided with access at all times to a sufficient supply of water for fire fighting purposes on the site.


For additional requirements relating to bushfire prone areas, refer to the Director’s Determinations on Bushfire Hazard Areas – current versions available at

TAS H7D2 Swimming pools2019: 3.10.1

Delete subclause H7D2(2) and insert TAS H7D2(2) as follows:

(2) Performance RequirementTAS H7P2 is satisfied for a water recirculation, disinfection and filtration system in a swimming pool with a depth of water more than 300 mm and volume of the pool exceeding 15 m3 if the system—

  1. complies with AS 1926.3; and
  2. provides—
    1. the inlet and outlet openings for the purpose of water recirculation to be so located that water movement is continuous from inlet to outlet; and
    2. the recirculation of water to be so designed that the pool contents are recirculated not less than once—
      1. in 6 hours for an outdoor swimming pool; or
      2. in 4 hours for an indoor swimming pool; and
    3. the water filtration rates to not exceed 12,250 L/m2 of sand filter bed per hour, or an equivalent rate in other filter media.