NCC 2019 Volume One
Tas Part H103 Dining rooms and bar rooms

Tas Part H103 Dining rooms and bar rooms

Tas H103.1 Application of Part

This Part applies to all dining rooms and bar rooms (excluding bar service areas) in licensed premises covered by the Liquor and Accommodation Act.

Dining rooms and bar rooms must provide for the comfort, convenience and health of customers.

Tas H103.2 Sanitary facilities


Separate sanitary facilities for males and females must be provided in close proximity to each dining room and bar room in licensed premises.


Where the sanitary facilities are not accessed from within the dining room or bar area, reasonable fixed protection from the elements must be provided.

Tas H103.3 Separation from other areas

A dining room must not have direct opening to living quarters, a laundry, bathroom or garage or a room where animals are housed.