NCC 2019 Volume One
NSW Part J(A)3 Air-Conditioning and ventilation systems

NSW Part J(A)3 Air-Conditioning and ventilation systems

NSW J(A)3.0 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions


Where a Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution , Performance Requirement NSW J(A)P3 is satisfied by complying with NSW J(A)3.1 and NSW J(A)3.2.


Where a Performance Solution is proposed, the relevant Performance Requirements must be determined in accordance with A2.2(3) and A2.4(3) as applicable.

NSW J(A)3.1 Application of Part

The Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of this Part apply to a Class 2 building and a Class 4 part of a building.

NSW J(A)3.2 Compliance with BCA provisions

Class 2 buildings and Class 4 parts of buildings must comply with the following national BCA provisions, as applicable—


for air-conditioning system control: J5.2; and


for mechanical ventilation system control: J5.3; and


for fan systems: J5.4; and


for ductwork insulation: J5.5; and


for ductwork sealing: J5.6; and


for pump systems: J5.7; and


for pipework insulation: J5.8; and


for refrigerant chillers: J5.10; and


for unitary air-conditioning equipment: J5.11; and


for heat rejection equipment: J5.12.

Note: Compliance is not required with the national BCA provisions of J5.9 as those matters are regulated under BASIX.