NCC 2019 Volume One
Section F Health and amenity

Section F Health and amenity

Part F2 Sanitary facilities

Tas Table F2.3 Sanitary Facilities in Class 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Buildings

Delete the Note in Table F2.3 alongside early childhood centres and replace it with the following:

Note: If the centre accommodates children under 4 years of age the facilities for use by those children must be—

  1. junior pans; and
  2. wash basins with a rim height not exceeding 600 mm.
After F2.8 insert Tas F2.101 as follows:

Tas F2.101 Non-flushed Urinals

Non-flushed urinals not connected to a sewerage system must comply with Tas F2.102.

After Tas F2.101 insert Tas F2.102 as follows:

Tas F2.102 Installation of Closet Fixtures


If a sufficient sewerage system is not available, an authorised alternative means of disposal of sewage, may be installed.


If sanitary facilities are not water-flushed, the following provisions apply:


A pit latrine, an incinerating toilet, a chemical toilet, a removable pan or a non-flushing urinal must not be within 2 m of a building containing habitable rooms.


The floor on which a removable pan is placed must be impervious.


A room containing a composting toilet must be separated from habitable rooms by way of a permanently ventilated air lock (which may be a circulation space).


The minimum ventilation required under (iii) shall be the greater of—


8000 mm2; or


1/500th of the floor area of the circulation space.


Access for maintenance or removal of waste from a composting toilet must be by way of an access door which opens directly to the outside of the building.

Part F6 Condensation management

Tas FP6.1 Condensation and water vapour management

After FP6.1 insert the following:



Refer to the guidance in the "Guide for Control of Condensation and Mould in Tasmanian Homes" that should be adhered to where possible.