NCC 2019 Volume One
2.6 Design scenario (VS)

2.6 Design scenario (VS)

Vertical fire spread involving external cladding or external openings

Design scenario in brief

A fire source exposes the external wall or arrangement of openings in a building and leads to significant vertical fire spread.

Required outcome

Demonstrate that the building’s external cladding / facade and arrangement of openings in the building do not increase the risk to life resulting from a fire beyond that for a similar building complying with the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions.

2.6.1 Design scenario description

This design scenario applies to all buildings where there is a risk of vertical fire spread.



This design scenario is not concerned with building-to-building fire spread across a relevant boundary, as this is addressed in the design scenario: HS (see 2.5).

2.6.2 Method

Demonstrate compliance with CV3.