NCC 2019 Volume One
Section E Services and equipment

Section E Services and equipment

Part E1 Fire fighting equipment

After EP1.6 insert Performance Requirement Tas EP1.7 as follows:

Tas EP1.7

An automatic fire detection system must be installed to the degree necessary to alert the fire brigade of fire so that fire fighting operations may be undertaken at the earliest possible time appropriate to—


the building functions and use; and


the fire hazard; and


the height of the building; and


the building floor area.



Tas EP1.7 only applies to:

  1. a Class 5 building or Class 6 building having an aggregate floor area of more than 1000 m2; and
  2. a Class 7 building having a floor area of more than 1000 m2 in which furniture is stored; and
  3. a Class 8 building which is a special fire hazard building and in which more than 25 persons are employed; and
  4. a Class 9b building which is a school or early childhood centre or a creche which-
    1. is of more than 1 storey; or
    2. has a storey with a floor area more than 500 m2; and
  5. a Class 9b building which is a theatre.
Delete E1.0 and insert Tas E1.0 as follows:

Tas E1.0 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions

After E1.10 insert Tas E1.101 as follows:

Tas E1.101 Fire detection and alarm system

An automatic fire detection and alarm system must comply with Clauses 4 and 8 of Specification E2.2a.