ABCB Housing Provisions


Part 10.4 Facilities

Part 10.4 Facilities

TAS 10.4.3 Installation of closet fixtures2019: TAS

Insert TAS clause 10.4.3 in clause 10.4.3 as follows:

(1) If a sufficient sewerage system is not available, an authorised alternative means of disposal of sewage may be installed.

(2) If sanitary facilities are not water-flushed, the following provisions apply:

  1. A pit latrine, an incinerating toilet, a chemical toilet, a removable pan or a non-flushing urinal must not be within 2 m of a building containing habitable rooms.
  2. The floor on which a removable pan is placed must be impervious.
  3. A room containing a composting toilet must be separated from habitable rooms by way of a permanently ventilated air lock (which may be a circulation space).
  4. The minimum ventilation required under (c) shall be the greater of—
    1. 8000 mm2; or
    2. 1/500th of the floor area of the circulation space.
  5. Access for maintenance or removal of waste from a composting toilet must be by way of an access door which opens directly to the outside of the building.