ABCB Housing Provisions


Part 10.6 Ventilation

Part 10.6 Ventilation

(1) Part 10.6 applies subject to the limitations set out at H4D7.

(2) Part 10.6 need not be complied with if H4D7(1) is complied with.

Explanatory information

The requirements of this Part are to be read in conjunction with the condensation management requirements in Part 10.8 and the ceiling fan requirements in Part 13.5. However, it should be noted that Part 13.5 does not apply in all States and Territories.

Ventilation must be provided to a habitable room, sanitary compartment, bathroom, shower room, laundry and any other room occupied by a person for any purpose by any of the following means:

  1. Openings, windows, doors or other devices which can be opened—
    1. with a ventilating area not less than 5% of the floor area of the room required to be ventilated; and
    2. open to—
      1. a suitably sized court, or space open to the sky; or
      2. an open verandah, carport, or the like; or
      3. an adjoining room in accordance with (b).
  2. Natural ventilation to a room may come through a window, opening, door or other device from an adjoining room (including an enclosed verandah) if—
    1. the room to be ventilated or the adjoining room is not a sanitary compartment; and
    2. the window, opening, door or other device has a ventilating area of not less than 5% of the floor area of the room to be ventilated; and
    3. the adjoining room has a window, opening, door or other device with a ventilating area of not less than 5% of the combined floor areas of both rooms; and
    4. the ventilating areas specified may be reduced as appropriate if direct natural ventilation is provided from another source (See Figure 10.6.2).
  3. An exhaust fan or other means of mechanical ventilation may be used to ventilate a sanitary compartment, laundry, kitchen or bathroom, or where mechanical ventilation is provided in accordance with 10.6.3(b), provided contaminated air exhausts comply with 10.8.2.
Figure 10.6.2 Method of determining areas of openings for borrowed ventilation

Explanatory information

The ventilating area of a window is measured as the size of the openable sash of the window. This is the case regardless of the type of window, i.e. whether it is an awning, casement or sliding window and irrespective of the restrictions on the openable sash.

10.6.2(b) permits a room’s required ventilation to be ‘borrowed’ from an adjoining room, i.e. an adjoining room’s ventilation can be used to help make up the total amount of ventilation required.

The use of borrowed ventilation is acceptable if the provisions of 10.6.2(b) are applied to the subject room and to the total area of each relevant room.

A sanitary compartment must not open directly into a kitchen or pantry unless—

  1. access is by an airlock, hallway or other room, (see Figure 10.6.3); or
  2. the sanitary compartment is provided with an exhaust fan or other means of mechanical exhaust ventilation.
Figure 10.6.3 Acceptable location of non mechanically ventilated sanitary compartment