ABCB Housing Provisions


Part 3.4 Termite risk management

Part 3.4 Termite risk management

NT 3.4.1 Requirements for termite management systems2019:

Delete subclause 3.4.1(2) and insert NT 3.4.1(2) as follows:

(2) For the purposes of (1), a primary building element consisting entirely of, or a combination of, any of the following materials is considered not subject to termite attack:

  1. Steel, aluminium or other metals.
  2. Concrete.
  3. Masonry.
  4. Fibre-reinforced cement.
  5. Timber — naturally termite resistant in accordance with Appendix C of AS 3660.1 in areas where Mastotermes darwiniensis are not prevalent.
  6. Timber — preservative treated in accordance with Appendix D of AS 3660.1.

NT 3.4.2 Termite management systems2019: NT and (e)

Delete clause 3.4.2 and insert NT 3.4.2 as follows:

Where a termite management system is required it must—

  1. be selected appropriate to Table 3.4.2; and
  2. comply with—
    1. AS 3660.1; or
    2. have been tested and passed the tests required by Section 5 of AS 3660.3; and
  3. have a durable notice installed in accordance with 3.4.3; and
  4. include additional termite risk management measures in areas where Mastotermes darwiniensis are prevalent; and
  5. where a chemical termite management system is used—
    1. the chemical must be included on the appropriate authority’s pesticides register; and
    2. when used as an external perimeter termite management system for Mastotermes darwiniensis, it is—
      1. installed by excavating trenches, treating the exposed trench and backfilling the trench with treated material; and
      2. covered by a concrete strip not less than 50 mm thick and 300 mm wide measured from the external wall of the building.

Explanatory information

3.4.2(b)(i) provides the option of having a chemical termite management system tested to AS 3660.3. In order for the test results to remain valid, the system would then have to be installed as tested.