ABCB Housing Provisions


Part 8.1 Scope and application of Section 8

Part 8.1 Scope and application of Section 8

This Section sets out the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions for—

  1. windows and external glazed doors (see Part 8.2); and
  2. glass (see Part 8.3); and
  3. glazing human impact (see Part 8.4).

Explanatory information

These provisions relate to the design, manufacture and installation of windows in external walls and the use of glass in Class 1 and 10 buildings. The selection of glass in Part 8.3 applies to other assemblies that may not be in an external wall of a Class 1 or 10 building.

The terms windows and glazed assemblies are used throughout Section 8. The term window is defined in the NCC and relates to a device which is capable of transmitting natural light directly from outside a building or room when it is in the closed position. This is distinct from glazed assemblies which may also include elements located in internal parts of a building. These may be glazed panels, splash-backs, mirrors, shower screens or window-type assemblies that are not subject to wind loads and weatherproofing requirements.

A number of other parts of NCC Volume Two and the ABCB Housing Provisions also contain requirements relating to glazing in addition to this Part. They include:

The application of this Section is subject to the following:

  1. The Governing Requirements of NCC Volume Two.
  2. The State and Territory variations, additions and deletions contained in the Schedules to the ABCB Housing Provisions and NCC Volume Two.

Explanatory information

In NCC 2019, the content of Section 8 of the ABCB Housing Provisions (other than content added in NCC 2022 or later) was contained in the acceptable construction practice for Part 3.6 of NCC 2019 Volume Two.