ABCB Housing Provisions


Part 13.1 Scope and application of Section 13

Part 13.1 Scope and application of Section 13

SA 13.1.2 Application2019: SA Note to Part 3.12

Delete clause 13.1.2 and insert SA 13.1.2 as follows:

(1) The application of this Section is subject to the following:

  1. The Governing Requirements of NCC Volume Two.
  2. The State and Territory variations, additions and deletions contained in the Schedules to the ABCB Housing Provisions and NCC Volume Two.

(2) In South Australia, for the purposes of Section 13, a sunroom or the like is deemed to be a Class 10a building and must comply with 13.2.7.

Explanatory information

In NCC 2019, the content of Section 13 of the ABCB Housing Provisions (other than content added in NCC 2022 or later) was contained in the acceptable construction practices for Part 3.12 of NCC 2019 Volume Two.