ABCB Housing Provisions


Part 10.4 Facilities

Part 10.4 Facilities

(1) A Class 1 building must be provided with—

  1. a kitchen sink and facilities for the preparation and cooking of food; and
  2. a bath or shower; and
  3. clothes washing facilities, comprising at least one washtub and space in the same room for a washing machine; and
  4. a closet pan; and
  5. a washbasin.

(2) If any of the facilities in (1) are detached from the main building, they must be set aside for the exclusive use of the occupants of the building.

Explanatory information

  • A kitchen sink or washbasin must not be counted as a laundry washtub. A laundry washtub is considered to provide the necessary means to dispose of waste water as required by H4P3(2).
  • Installation requirements for certain electrical or gas cooking appliances may influence the selection of surrounding materials or the clearance to those materials.

The door to a fully enclosed sanitary compartment must—

  1. open outwards; or
  2. slide; or
  3. be readily removable from the outside of the compartment,

unless there is a clear space of at least 1.2 m, measured in accordance with Figure 10.4.2, between the closet pan within the sanitary compartment and the doorway.

Figure 10.4.2 Construction of sanitary compartments

Explanatory information

10.4.2 requires means of removing an unconscious occupant from a fully enclosed sanitary compartment. If the enclosure has gaps that are large enough to allow access for a person into the sanitary compartment, the compartment is not considered enclosed for the purpose of this clause.

NCC Blurbs

(1) If a sufficient sewerage system is not available, an authorised alternative means of disposal of sewage may be installed.

(2) If sanitary facilities are not water-flushed, the following provisions apply:

  1. A pit latrine, an incinerating toilet, a chemical toilet, a removable pan or a non-flushing urinal must not be within 2 m of a building containing habitable rooms.
  2. The floor on which a removable pan is placed must be impervious.
  3. A room containing a composting toilet must be separated from habitable rooms by way of a permanently ventilated air lock (which may be a circulation space).
  4. The minimum ventilation required under (c) shall be the greater of—
    1. 8000 mm2; or
    2. 1/500th of the floor area of the circulation space.
  5. Access for maintenance or removal of waste from a composting toilet must be by way of an access door which opens directly to the outside of the building.
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