ABCB Housing Provisions


Part 7.1 Scope and application of Section 7

Part 7.1 Scope and application of Section 7

(1) This Section sets out the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions for—

  1. metal sheet roofing (see Part 7.2); and
  2. roof tiles (see Part 7.3); and
  3. gutters and downpipes (see Part 7.4); and
  4. timber and composite wall cladding (see Part 7.5).

(2) For other roof and wall cladding provisions not included in this Section, refer to NCC Volume Two H1D7(5) Metal wall cladding.

Explanatory information

This Part contains requirements including weatherproofing and structural requirements, for wall and roof systems. Gutter and downpipe requirements are also contained in this Part.

It should be noted that other construction methods may be used to achieve the same results as specified in this Part provided they comply with the appropriate Performance Requirements.

The application of this Section is subject to the following:

  1. The Governing Requirements of NCC Volume Two.
  2. The State and Territory variations, additions and deletions contained in the Schedules to the ABCB Housing Provisions and NCC Volume Two.

Explanatory information

In NCC 2019, the content of Section 7 of the ABCB Housing Provisions (other than content added in NCC 2022 or later) was contained in the acceptable construction practices for Parts 3.5.1 to 3.5.4 of NCC 2019 Volume Two.

NCC 2019 Volume Two did not include an acceptable construction practice for Part 3.5.5.