NCC 2019 Volume One Amendment 1
Section G Ancillary provisions

Section G Ancillary provisions

Part G1 Minor structures and components

Delete GP1.2(a) and insert Vic GP1.2(a) as follows:

Performance Requirements

Vic GP1.2 Swimming pool access and water recirculation systems


A barrier must be provided to a swimming pool and must—


be continuous for the full extent of the hazard; and


be of a strength and rigidity to withstand the foreseeable impact of people; and


restrict the access of young children to the pool and the immediate pool surrounds; and


have any gates and doors fitted with latching devices not readily operated by young children, and constructed to automatically close and latch.



Vic GP1.2(a) only applies to a swimming pool with a depth of water more than 300 mm associated with—

  1. a Class 2 or 3 building or Class 4 part of a building; or
  2. a children’s service.
Delete G1.1(a) and Insert Vic G1.1(a) as follows:

Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions

Vic G1.1 Swimming pools


A swimming pool associated with a children’s service, with a depth of water more than 300 mm, must have fencing or other barriers in accordance with AS 1926.1 and AS 1926.2.