NCC 2019 Volume One Amendment 1
Section D Access and egress

Section D Access and egress

Part D1 Provision for escape

Substitute the lead-in to D1.4(d) as follows:

Vic D1.4 Exit travel distances


Class 9 buildings — in a patient care area in a Class 9a building and in a children’s service

Delete D1.6(f)(iv) as follows:

Vic D1.6 Dimensions of exits and paths of travel to exits



Part D2 Construction of exits

Substitute D2.21 (a) as follows:

Vic D2.21 Operation of latch


A door in a required exit, forming part of a required exit or in the path of travel to a required exit must be readily openable without a key from the side that faces a person seeking egress, by—


a single hand downward action on a single device which is located between 900 mm and 1.1 m from the floor and if serving an area required to be accessible by Part D3


be such that the hand of a person who cannot grip will not slip from the handle during the operation of the latch; and


have a clearance between the handle and the back plate or door face at the centre grip section of the handle of not less than 35 mm and not more than 45 mm; or


a single hand pushing action on a single device which is located between 900 mm and 1.2 m from the floor; and


where the latch operation device referred to in (ii) is not located on the door leaf itself—


manual controls to power-operated doors must be at least 25 mm wide, proud of the surrounding surface and located—


no closer than 500 mm from an internal corner; and


for a hinged door, between 1 m and 2 m from the door leaf in any position; and


for a sliding door, within 2 m of the doorway and clear of a surface mounted door in the open position; and


braille and tactile signage complying with Clause 3 and 6 of Specification D3.6 must identify the latch operation device,

except that an exit door from a children’s service which does not open to an outdoor space enclosed in accordance with G1.3, must have the device located between 1.5 m and 1.65 m above the floor and the door must be self-closing.