NCC 2019 Volume One Amendment 1
Footnote: Other legislation affecting buildings

Footnote: Other legislation affecting buildings

In addition to any applicable provisions of the Building Act and other legislative and regulatory instruments under that Act, such as regulations, determinations, guidelines, codes and standards there are a number of other legislative technical requirements, and regulatory instruments affecting the design, construction and/or performance of buildings that practitioners may need to be aware of, including but not limited to, the following list. Additional legislative and regulatory instruments such as regulations, codes and standards may exist under the legislation and regulatory instruments listed.

1. Work Places

Administering agency

WorkSafe Tasmania – Department of Justice

Relevant Tasmanian legislation and regulatory instruments

Work Health and Safety Act

Code of Practice – Managing Risks of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace – WorkSafe Tasmania publication CP120

Code of Practice – Managing the Work Environment and Facilities – WorkSafe Tasmania publication CP124

Code of Practice – Safe Design of Structures – WorkSafe Tasmania publication CP128