NCC 2019 Volume One Amendment 1
Schedule 3 Definitions

Schedule 3 Definitions


Insert definition for agriculture as follows:

Agriculture means cropping, grazing, animal husbandry, intensive animal keeping, horticulture, aquaculture, wool shearing or dairy, but does not mean viticulture or forestry.

Vary definition for assembly building as follows:

Assembly building means a building where people may assemble for—
  1. civic,theatrical,social,political or religious purposes including a library, theatre, public hall or place of worship; or
  2. educational purposes in a school, early childhood centre , preschool, or the like; or
  3. entertainment, recreational or sporting purposes including—
    1. a discotheque or nightclub; or
    2. a cinema; or
    3. a sports stadium, sporting or other club; or
  4. transit purposes including a bus station, railway station, airport or ferry terminal.

Insert definition for brush fence as follows:

Brush fence means a fence or gate that is primarily constructed of Broombrush (Melalueca Uncinata).
Insert definition for bulk grain storage facility as follows:
Bulk grain storage facility means a building or structure used for the commercial bulk handling or storage of granular materials such as grain, ore, or the like, where only a small number of occupants are present at one time and includes cell type silos and storage sheds.
Figure SA A1.1.7 Two types of bulk grain storage facilities
Insert definition for cell type silo as follows:
Cell type silo means a type of bulk grain storage facility similar to that illustrated in Figure SA A1.1.7 (a).
Farm building means a single storey Class 7 or 8 building that is—
  1. primarily associated with agriculture and located on land used primarily for agriculture; and
  2. the total number of people accommodated in the building does not exceed one person per 200 m2 of total floor area, or six people, whichever is greater; and
  3. the floor area of each building does not exceed the maximum floor area and volume specified in SA Table 2 for the type of farm building; and
  4. The building does not contain occupancies of excessive fire hazard as listed in Table E1.5;and
  5. if the building is used for the storage of hay, an open space complying with C2.4(a) is provided around the perimeter of each building.

SA Table 2 Farm building categories and maximum floor area

Building group Type of farm building Maximum floor area Maximum volume
Group A Buildings used for the keeping, growing and/or harvesting of animals and/or plants. Includes greenhouses with rigid covering material and large implement/vehicle storage sheds. 5,000 m2 30,000 m3
Group B Buildings used for packing, sorting and/or storage of produce and may include workshops 2,000 m2 12,000 m3
Group C Greenhouses with non-rigid, plastic or fabric covering material 5,000 m2 30,000 m3

Insert definition for small arts venue as follows:

Small arts venue means the whole or the only part of a building that has a rise in storeys of not more than 2—
  1. in which cultural activities including live music, visual arts displays, dancing, poetry and spoken word performances are provided to the public; and
  2. the floor area used as a small arts venue does not exceed 300 m2; and
  3. no pyrotechnics or theatrical smoke (smoke machines, hazers or the like) are used.

Insert definition for storage shed as follows:

Storage shed means a type of bulk grain storage facility similar to that illustrated in Figure SA A1.1.7 (b).