NCC 2022 Volume Three - Plumbing Code of Australia


Part B6 Rainwater services

Part B6 Rainwater services

SA B6D2 General requirements2019: SA B1.4(1) and (2)

Delete clause B6D2 and insert SA B6D2 as follows:

A rainwater service must comply with Section 15 of AS/NZS 3500.1. Additionally, after Clause 15.3.3(c) insert (d)—

(d) For Class 1 buildings and extensions or additions to Class 1 buildings the following applies.

Where a water service from a rainwater tank interconnect with a water service from a water main supply, the supply to a fixture, appliance or water outlet shall be maintained by a device/mechanism that facilitates a seamless automatic switching from one water service supply to another and vice versa without the need for manual intervention.