NCC 2022 Volume Three - Plumbing Code of Australia


Part D1 Excessive noise

Part D1 Excessive noise

VIC D1F1 Excessive noise2019: DF1

Delete subclause D1F1(1) and insert VIC D1F1(1) as follows:

A plumbing and drainage system must be designed and installed so as to operate in a way that avoids the likelihood of excessive noise of any part of the plumbing and drainage system, and minimises any adverse impact on building occupants.

VIC D1D2 Undue noise2019: D1.2

Delete subclause D1D2(1) and insert VIC D1D2(1) as follows:

To prevent undue noise, plumbing and drainage systems must comply with—

  1. B1D3 for cold water services; or
  2. B2D9 for heated water services; or
  3. B3D3 for non-drinking water services; or
  4. B4D2 for fire-fighting water services; or
  5. B6D2 for rainwater services; or
  6. B7D4 for rainwater storage, or
  7. C1D3 for sanitary plumbing systems; or
  8. C2D4 for sanitary drainage systems, or
  9. C3D2, C3D3, C3D4, C3D5, C3D6 and C3D7 for on-site wastewater management systems, or
  10. E3D2 for stormwater drainage systems, and
  11. E4D2 for surface and sub-surface drainage systems.