NCC 2022 Volume Three - Plumbing Code of Australia


NSW Part C3 On-site wastewater management

NSW Part C3 On-site wastewater management

Introduction to this Part

This Part sets out the requirements for any part of an on-site wastewater management system from the point of connection of a sanitary drainage system up to and including the appropriate means of waste disposal.

In New South Wales On-site wastewater management systems are not the responsibility of the plumbing regulator.

For sewerage management facilities which treat sewerage of a domestic nature from premises occupied by a maximum of 10 persons or where the average daily flow of sewerage is less than 2000 litres, the facility must be accredited by the NSW Ministry of Health in accordance with Local Government (General) Regulation 2005.

Information on on-site single domestic wastewater management and accreditation guidelines can be found on the following website:

For land application areas the regulatory authority for land application systems is the local government (Council) and most local governments have a sewerage management strategy or policy. A list of NSW local governments may be found here;