Discover resources and articles about livable housing design, access for people with a disability and provisions for escape.

Learn more about the NCC requirements for building services, including fire sprinkler systems, smoke hazard management and exits signs.

In this section you’ll find articles and resources on the NCC energy efficiency requirements, electric vehicle charging and more.

Discover information and resources about fire safety requirements in the NCC, including fire detection, wall combustibility and bushfire prone areas.

Learn more about factors that impact the health and amenity of building occupants including air quality and condensation and the minimum requirements of NCC.

Learn more about performance, including requirements and solutions, for applying the NCC to your building and plumbing projects.

Find out more about NCC Volume Three-The Plumbing Code of Australia including Performance Requirements, sanitary plumbing and cross connection control.

Find articles, important updates and other information about our product certification schemes, WaterMark and CodeMark.

Find information about the NCC structural safety requirements, such as when building in flood or cyclone prone areas.

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