NCC 2022 Volume Three - Plumbing Code of Australia


Part C2 Sanitary drainage systems

Part C2 Sanitary drainage systems

VIC C2P8 No point of connectionNew for 2022

Insert VIC clause C2P8 in clause C2P8 as follows:

Where a point of connection to a Network Utility Operator's sewerage system is not available, an on-site wastewater management system must be designed, installed and maintained in accordance with the requirements and agreement of the relevant authority having jurisdiction.

VIC C2V2 Pressure testing

This clause been deliberately left blank

VIC C2D4 General requirements2019: VIC C2.4(1) to (5)

Delete clause C2D4 and insert VIC C2D4 as follows:

(1) A sanitary drainage system must be in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.2; subject to the following—

  1. insert Clause (e) Where an inspection shaft or boundary trap riser in a below ground sanitary drainage system is located clear of a building and is not likely to be damaged by vehicular traffic, a light cover must be installed in accordance with clause and clause and (iii).
  2. insert Clause 4.6.2(d): (d) Have risers installed vertically with no offsets.
  3. clause 5.3(c) of AS/NZS 3500.2 is varied so that concrete support used to support drains must be provided to support all bends greater than DN 65 to vertical risers.
  4. replace Clause 5.4.2(d) with: Free running sand, excavated from the trench, capable of passing through a 2 mm mesh sieve, which does not contain clay, organic or other deleterious materials.
  5. Insert Clause 15.1(b) as follows: Testing of a sanitary drainage installation. If installed at a property provided with non-drinking water by the Network Utility Operator, testing of a sanitary drainage installation may be carried out in accordance with—
    1. a water test using non-drinking water provided by the Network Utility Operator in accordance with clause 15.2; or
    2. an air test in accordance with clause 15.3; or
    3. vacuum test in accordance with clause 15.4; or
    4. in cases other than in (a), testing may be carried out by way of—
      1. an air test in accordance with clause 15.3; or
      2. a vacuum test in accordance with clause 15.4.

(2) Discharge pipes measuring DN 50 or smaller must not be installed in a below ground sanitary drainage system, except for discharge pipes connected to floor waste gullies or vertical riser from a graded drain.