NCC 2022 Volume Three - Plumbing Code of Australia


Part B5 Cross-connection control

Part B5 Cross-connection control

NSW B5D6 RainwaterNew for 2022

Delete clause B5D6 and insert NSW B5D6 as follows:

Drinking water and non-drinking water must:

  1. be zone protected from above ground, buried or partially buried rainwater tank in Class 1 buildings, utilising a non-testable device; or
  2. comply with AS/NZS 3500.1 (2018) Clause 16.4 and Table 16.4 for all other building classes.


B5D6 applies to scenarios not covered by S41C6(1)(b).

NSW B5D7 Cooling tower water service2019: NSW B5.501

Insert NSW clause B5D7 in clause B5D7 as follows:

Water systems permanently attached to cooling towers backflow prevention shall be positioned so that—

  1. cooling tower air gap must be measured from the rim of the cooling tower basin; and
  2. if a drinking water service to the cooling tower passes through the basin, the service pipe must be provided with a double wall protection; and
  3. if a fast fill connection is required, the fast fill line shall terminate externally to the unit, with an air gap over either the basin or a tundish.


See NSW Figure B5D7 for typical cooling tower connections.

Insert NSW figure (B5D7) B5D7 as follows:
NSW Figure B5D7: Typical cooling tower service
Figure Notes

Note 1.

Refer to AS/NZS 3500.1 Part 1 Table