NCC 2016 Volume Two
Abbreviations and Symbols

Abbreviations and Symbols

Abbreviations and Symbols used in the Housing Provisions include:


ABCB Australian Building Codes Board
AISC Australian Institute of Steel Construction
ALGA Australian Local Government Association
AS Australian Standard
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
BCA Building Code of Australia
BCC Building Codes Committee
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
FRL Fire Resistance Level
GRP Glass fibre reinforced polyester
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
Low-e Low emissivity
NATA National Association of Testing Authorities
Pa Pascal
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
Rw Weighted Sound Reduction Index
R-Value Thermal resistance coefficient
SHGC Solar heat gain coefficient
STC Sound Transmission Class
UPVC Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride
U-Value Thermal transmittance


°C degree(s) Celsius
-e/MJ equivalent per megajoule(s)
g/m2 gram(s) per square metre
K kelvin(s)
kg kilogram(s)
kg/m kilogram(s) per metre
kg/m2 kilogram(s) per square metre
kg/m3 kilogram(s) per cubic metre
km kilometre
kPa kilopascal(s)
kW/m2 kilowatt(s) per square metre
L litre(s)
L/s litre(s) per second
L/s.m2 litre(s) per second square metre
lx lux
dia. diameter
F in relation to steel members means steel fabric
m metre(s)
m2 square metre(s)
m3 cubic metre(s)
m/s metre(s) per second
m3/s cubic metre(s) per second
mm millimetre(s)
mm2 square millimetre(s)
μm micrometre
μm/y micrometre(s) per year
MJ/hour megajoule(s) per hour
MJ/m2.annum megajoule(s) per square metre per annum
MW megawatt(s)
N newton(s)
Pa pascal(s)
MPa megapascal(s)
W Watt(s)
°south degree south
% percent
> greater than
< less than
equal to or less than
equal to or more than