NCC 2016 Volume Two
NSW Part 3.12.3 Building Sealing

NSW Part 3.12.3 Building Sealing

Performance Requirements

Appropriate Performance Requirements

Where a Performance Solution to NSW 3.12.3 is proposed, that proposal must comply with—

  1. NSW P2.6.1(b); and
  2. relevant Performance Requirements determined in accordance with 1.0.7.

NSW 3.12.3 Application of NSW Part 3.12.3


Compliance with NSW satisfies NSW P2.6.1(b) for building sealing.


is not applicable to—


existing buildings being relocated; or


Class 10a buildings—


without a conditioned space; or


for the accommodation of vehicles; or


parts of buildings that cannot be fully enclosed; or


a permanent building opening, in a space where a gas appliance is located, that is necessary for the safe operation of a gas appliance; or


a building in climate zones 2 and 5 where the only means of air-conditioning is by using an evaporative cooler.

NSW Compliance with BCA provisions

The sealing of a building must comply with the national BCA provisions to

Explanatory information

Explanatory Information:

  1. The term "cannot be fully enclosed" means parts of buildings with permanent openings such as balconies, shade rooms, rooms with fixed louvres, mesh or other material that allows air flow. Adjustable louvres are considered to provide full enclosure to the opening they accommodate.

    Such rooms are unlikely to be conditioned given the high air flow rates; therefore applications of the Performance Requirement to these parts of buildings would not result in reduction in energy use.

  2. Appropriate ventilation for gas appliances can be obtained from relevant legislation, referenced standards and product installation manuals.