NCC 2016 Volume Two
Tasmania Additions

Tasmania Additions

Application of Tasmanian variations

This Appendix contains additional provisions for application in Tasmania as follows:




Tas 1 does not apply to—

  1. roof coverings or canopies of PVC, Acrylic, Polycarbonate and GRP sheeting over a balcony, verandah, carport, covered way, swimming pool, barbecue area, or similar open structure attached to a Class 1 building; or
  2. Class 1 buildings on land zoned Rural (except Rural Residential) in the Municipality's or City's sealed Planning Scheme, Effective Interim Order, or Special Planning Order if situated at a distance of not less than 30 m from a wooden building or the allotment boundary or not less than 15 m from other buildings; and
  3. where, in accordance with 2., a roof is covered with wood shingles or shakes, the shingles or shakes are underlaid with a material having a Flammability index not greater than 2.