NCC 2016 Volume Two
SA 3 Wet Areas

SA 3 Wet Areas

SA 3.1 Performance Provisions

Performance Requirements
Floors in bathrooms, or rooms containing a shower or a sanitary fixture, must be installed in a manner that will prevent accumulation of water on the surface which could create unhealthy or hazardous conditions.

SA 3.2 Acceptable Construction Practice

SA 3.2.1 Application

Performance RequirementSA3.1 is satisfied for wet areas if they comply with SA 3.2.2.

SA 3.2.2 Provision of floor wastes

Unless exempted by (b), the floor of a wet area, room or area containing a vessel must be graded to a floor waste.


A floor need not be graded to a floor waste as required by (a) if—


all vessels are provided with in-built overflow protection or have a permanent open trapped connection to the waste system (such as a WC pan); or


the floor drains without ponding to a floor waste within the shower area.


The fall of the floor surface to a floor waste must be—


between 1:60 and 1:80 in the shower area; and


between 1:80 and 1:100 in other areas.