NCC 2016 Volume Two
ACT 7 — Sustainability

ACT 7 — Sustainability



ACT legislation other than the BCA also regulates for sustainability when constructing or altering buildings, including their services. For example, the Water and Sewerage Act 2000 has relevant provisions about water heaters, water and sanitary plumbing, and sanitary drainage, which are intended to facilitate a reduction in water usage and energy used to heat water, and greenhouse gas emission. If there is an inconsistency between requirements for the same aspect of water heaters in the BCA and the Water and Sewerage Act 2000, the latter prevails to the extent of the inconsistency.

The Building (General) Regulation 2004 has provisions about applying certain BCA provisions and alternatives to those provisions, to pre-existing parts of certain buildings, aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of the existing part, amongst other things, when the existing building is substantially altered or extended.

Practitioners should ensure they check the latest version of relevant legislation, and the latest version of this appendix, available through the ACT legislation register at