NCC 2019 Volume Three Amendment 1
Section D Excessive noise

Section D Excessive noise

Part D1 Excessive noise

Performance Requirements

Delete DP1.1 and insert Vic DP1.1 as follows:

Vic DP1.1 Undue noise


Water services must provide water to fixtures and appliances in a manner that does not create undue noise.


Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems must convey sewage or sullage to a sanitary drainage system or an approved disposal system in a manner that does not create undue noise.


The required sound insulation of a floor or wall must not be compromised by the incorporation or penetration of a plumbing or drainage system.

Delete DP1.2 and insert Vic DP1.2 as follows:

Vic DP1.2 * * * * *

Explanatory information

This clause has deliberately been left blank.

Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions

Delete D1.1 and insert Vic D1.1 as follows:

Vic D1.1 Application


Performance RequirementVic DP1.1 is satisfied by complying with D1.2 and D1.3.